Top Tech Start-up Opportunities of 2016


Are you thinking of starting up your own tech ventures in 2015 but do not have an idea? Or, like most entrepreneurs, you have multiple ideas but don’t know which one has the most potential? The solution is simple. Explore where the tech world is focusing in 2016 and come up with your niche solution in one of these areas. The list below lists tech areas where venture funding will focus in 2015 and can be used by you, the entrepreneur, to focus your new tech start-up.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing continues to be a big area of growth. 2015 promises to be the year where the supremacy of AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the marketplace will be challenged by other players, with Google and Microsoft leading the charge. Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella has strongly focussed on the Cloud as the growth strategy for Microsoft and Google has a wide array of services which can help it grow its Cloud Platform. With other strong players also part of the race to be the premiere cloud services provider, any visionary tech start-up in this area is sure to succeed.

Big Data

Big Data, the analysis of extremely large data sets, will continue to rapidly expand in 2015. Already, there is a serious shortage of talent that understand, let alone are expert in, the “how-to” of Big Data. From unlocking the mysteries of the human brain to greater understanding of the universe, Big Data will continue to lead the human quest for more understanding and insights. Human activities in all spheres, such as retail shopping, traffic pattern analysis, healthcare, education, urban development and other human interactions will continue to evolve because of new start-ups disrupting these markets through insights gathered from Big Data.

Smart Machines

Look around you. Smart Machines are everywhere. From the ATM at the bank to the coffee maker in your house, everything is intelligent now. And will become even more “Smart” in 2015. And now you can connect to all these devices through your Smart Phones. This is the time to visualize your own smart machine and join the IoT revolution. Your tech start-up in this area is bound to succeed.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In 2015, all technologies IoT will continue to grow. The reasons for this growth are obvious. First, Big Data and Cloud Computing provide tremendous storage and analytical capabilities. Secondly, Smart Phones and other Smart Devices provide enhanced interconnectivity with increasingly Smart Machines. And finally, both of the above are leading to a number of applications connecting supply chains, partners and customers to add value to the end customer. Hence, if you have an awesome idea for a tech start-up in the IoT domain, just do it!!!

Tech Wearables

Tech Wearables are going big in 2015. From Google Glass to Smart Watches to even Smart Clothing, everything will go mainstream and we will see more and more integration of our everyday wearables with tech. The possibilities for a new tech start-up in this field are endless. Software, connectivity and data analysis are all ripe for new ideas and passionate entrepreneurs.

IT Security

Did you hear about the hack at Sony Pictures? Remember the hack at Target? With IoT becoming more and more pervasive, IT Security becomes an even more critical aspect for all things tech and provides new opportunities for innovative solutions. Managed Security Services have become huge in 2014 and will continue to grow in 2015. Management and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) insights remain critical for the success of Governments and large enterprises. All this means there is enormous potential in this field for a new and innovative venture to grow and succeed.


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