It has been my privilege to work with amazing clients.  Below are testimonials from some of my clients

AJ is a very knowledgeable individual, great teacher and an open minded, outgoing person.  He delivered the course with a hands-on approach which in turn gave us real experience on the essence of taking our startup company global.  I would recommend him at any time! The course was very engaging, direct and on point.  Up to this date we still use the material and information provided by AJ

——- Andrej Bondarenko, Canada

AJ has provided significant knowledge of entrepreneurship methodologies for establish and growing startup business. Moreover, in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurship theory and concept was expressed by AJ in professional and efficient way. AJ truly demonstrate knowledge as professional trainer. The most impressive aspect of AJ teaching is his demeanor with trainees. AJ was able to present information on a wide variety of topics while projecting a composed presence, a great sense of humor, and maintaining a positive classroom environment.

——– Nosherwan Adil, Denmark

AJ’s brilliance, his strong desire to teach, and his vast knowledge of innovation and
entrepreneur ship were clearly displayed by the course materials, the assignments
that challenged me to think hard and come up with unique solutions, and the
wonderful experiences Al shared with the class.
It amazed us all at the number of ventures AJ had either started or had been
involved with, while also working as a successful IT Security professional and
pursuing his MBA. I still wonder how he managed to do all of those things while also
developing and delivering a truly impressive course. Moreover, AJ’s latest project
(International Institute of Certified Innovators and Entrepreneurs), which has
tremendous potential to revolutionize entrepreneurship in my opinion.

—– Sufyan Katariwala, USA