Are you a Smart Creative

The traditional name given to people who work in the Information Technology field is “Knowledge Workers”.  These are those individual who earn their living by using the knowledge and expertise gathered in dealing with various aspects of Information Technology.  These individuals maybe data analysts, networking gurus, programmers, database administrators or might have knowledge and skills in some other niche of Information Technology.  However, the common factor for all these knowledge workers is that they are experts in some field of technology or other.

Eric Schmidt (Ex-CEO of Google) & Jonathan Rosenberg (Ex-VP of Products at Google) have identified a new breed of knowledge workers who not only have technology background but also have superior business skills.  In their book, Google, How Google Works, Eric and Jonathan call these individuals the “Smart Creatives”.

Some of the characteristics of Smart Creatives that the authors have identified are

  1. Smart Creatives have in-depth technical knowledge and hands-on experience.
  2. Smart Creatives are Analytically Smart.  They understand data and utilize it to make decisions.
  3. Smart Creatives are Business Smart and can drive business success through product excellence.
  4. Smart Creatives are Competitive Smart. They understand the value to hard work and have the passion to succeed.
  5. Smart Creatives are User Smart.  They understand the user requirements and focus on it to lead to product excellence.
  6. Smart Creatives are Innovators.  They always have new ideas to explore and are always willing to share ideas.
  7. Smart Creatives are Curious Creative.  They understand the power of “Why”.
  8. Smart Creatives are Risky Creative.  They are not afraid to fail and learn from failures.
  9. Smart Creatives are Self-Directed Smart.  They do not have to be told what to do but take initiatives on their own.
  10. Smart Creatives are Open Creative. They always collaborate freely to explore a new idea on its own merit.
  11. Smart Creatives are Thorough Creative.  They go into details as they know each detail is important for product excellence and user satisfaction.
  12. Smart Creatives are Communicative Creative.  They know how to communicate an idea or an opinion in a charismatic manner.

So if you are an aspiring entrepreneurs or someone stepping into the innovation world, Are you a Smart Creative? You dont have to be all of the above, but as Eric and Jonathan said, you should atleast have “business savvy, technical knowledge, creative energy and a hands-on approach to getting things done”.

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  1. Google doesn t just hire anyone, like certain movies might have to believe. That doesn t necessarily mean you have to be a certified technical genius either. In fact, if you are something called a smart creative , they may very well be looking to hire you.

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